Hi, I am Ally, exotic Latin Beauty. You will love my curves, beautiful big brown eyes, my long dark hair and my intoxicating smile. Soft spoken with a sexy accent that a lot of people find it very sensual.


I have bubbly, upbeat personality. I consider myself a strong woman but at the same time very caring and sensible. I am very laid back person, conversationalist and I have  a great sense of humor. I like to think that I’m pretty honest and I do not pretend to be someone I’m not


I am very proud of my sense of style, I love to dress up in a classy yet fashionable way. My hair and makeup are always done. I love to look pretty.

Anyway, you learned a little about me. And if you choose me be prepared to have one of the best times of your life.

I am into fitness, I enjoy working out. Not becuase I have to, just becuase why not,  being in your best shape? I truly believe you can do anything with your body. As much as I like working out I absolutely love food! I like to try as many restarurants I can. I am a dog lover I have a little one named Zury. I love horses and I wish I could have one. Maybe… one day! I also like monkeys!


If you decide I am the right person for you, expect to be treated with respect,  in a professional manner and kindness. I don’t play games. If we set a date I will be there. I would never waste your time



About Me